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Supported models: 65PFL9708S/12, 84PFL9708S/12

For 65PFLPFL9708S models: Tweaked natural screen settings


QF1EU- (example model)
AAAA = Chassis name
a = Chip version (TV543/32=Q543, TV543/82=Q548, Q543/92=Q549)
B = Software branch version
X.Y.W.Z = Software version

You can upgrade/downgrade models like: 65PFL9708S/12, 84PFL9708S/12

65PFL9708S (Assembled in Hungary) Panel: VA LCD
With PSA. Polymer Sustained Alignment is a method of in cell liquid crystals pre-alignment. This method achieves proper liquid crystal pre-tilt angles without rubbing, protrusions or patterned common electrodes. It can be applied in all types of VA matrices.
Panel manufacturer: AU Optronics
84PFL9708S (Assembled in Hungary) Panel: IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD Panel manufacturer: LG

Please note: Files need to be uncompressed before you can flash your TV's firmware.
How to upgrade? Please read the manual at: www.p4c.philips.com
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Version: Date:
Size: Download the file: Change log: Notes: 2015-03-03 166.49 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: afb3dcee
Read the change log 2015-02-16 166.49 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 554c6827
Read the change log 2014-12-16 166.49 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 1c64ca9b
Read the change log 2014-11-26 166.49 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: bcc10d5b
Read the change log 2014-10-21     Read the change log 2014-09-23     Read the change log 2014-09-05     Read the change log 2014-07-31     Read the change log 2014-05-28 165.64 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 5b36a436
Read the change log 2014-04-28     Read the change log 2014-04-07     Read the change log 2014-04-03     Read the change log 2014-04-01 165.63 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 4b207fbc
Read the change log 2014-02-10 165.63 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 415b4cfc
Read the change log 2014-01-29 163.94 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 018e52c5
Read the change log 2013-12-11 163.94 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 86bbfcec
Read the change log 2013-11-20 162.76 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 1a95c856
Read the change log

First official online software update on product's website. 2013-xx-xx     Read the change log

Production version.
(build 1 beta) 2013-08-02 155.41 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: d6da7ca8
Read the change log

QF2EU- (build 1 alpha) 2013-07-11     Read the change log 2013-07-05     Read the change log 2013-04-08     Read the change log bld7a (build 7 alpha) 2013-03-26     Read the change log 2013-02-18     Read the change log  

FIRMWARE Change log of the fixed issues & improvements:

QF2EU- (Released 2015-03-03)
Generation date:
• Correction Samara time zone
• Improvements for standby startup with BDP9700

QF2EU- (Released 2015-02-16)
Generation date:
• Addition of Russian time zones
• Improvements VoD France
• Improvement Netflix credentials
• Improvements channel installation
• Improvements Turkish translations
• Improvements channel banner

QF2EU- (Released 2014-12-16)
Generation date:
• Improvement for Spotify
• Improvements TV clock for Russia

QF2EU- (Released 2014-11-26)
Generation date:
• Improvement on screen messages CAM
• Improvements languages in broadcast EPG
• Improvements trick modes Video on Demand
• Improved DVBS channel list Turkey

QF2EU- (Released 2014-10-21)
Generation date:
• Solution for manual adding new analog channel
• Improvements channel sorting cable Germany
• Improvements on stability

QF2EU- (Released 2014-09-23)
Generation date:
• Solution to play Streams Russia 1.
• Improvements for UPC Romania EPG and streams.
• New channel logo database.
• Improvements on reboots.

QF2EU- (Released 2014-09-05)
Generation date:
• Improvements in quick startup implementation.
• Solution for screen edges reset.

QF2EU- (Released 2014-07-31)
Generation date:
• Improvement channel sorting cable Germany
• Channel logo database update
• Improvement on keyboard location in Smart TV
• Improvements on streaming video services Northern Europe

QF2EU- (Released 2014-05-28)
Generation date:
• Solution for Ambilight wall color setting not saved across sources
• Solution to avoid blurry/unsharp picture when starting from stby

QF2EU- (Released 2014-04-28)
Generation date:
• Solution navigation HBBTV on ORF HD channels
• Improvement start up behavior 9708-sets
• Solution for BBCi Player
• Improvement audio dropout optical out
• Improvement for future internet upgrade

QF2EU- (Released 2014-04-07)
Generation date:
• Main software file size reduction

QF2EU- (Released 2014-04-03)
Generation date:
• Improvement for video playback in ORF HBB TV
• Improvement for OSD progress bar Bulgaria
• Fixes for security issues

QF2EU- (Released 2014-04-01)
Generation date: 22/03/2014 04:24:45
• Improvements for reboots.

QF2EU- (Released 2014-02-10)
Generation date: 30/01/2014 01:06:24
• Solution for picture moves 5 pixel right when in PC/ Game mode.
• Solution on the level of the infobar on Bulgarian cable. (Blizoo operator).
• Solution about HBBTV (through the red button) that gives a black screen instead of video content provided by the broadcast.
• Improvements for Smart TV.
• Improvements in Russia text database.
• Improvements in audio/video sync in digital broadcast.
• Improvements in Video on demand applications (Ukraine and Slovenia).

QF2EU- (Released 2014-01-29)
Generation date: 19/12/2013 00:51:17
• Improvement on picturelevel for the 60PFL8708S. (Elevation set)

QF2EU- (Released 2013-12-11)
Generation date: 29/11/2013 10:51:06
• Solution for half of the HD subtitles that are not displayed.
• Unicable implementation shall support a user selected LO frequency.
• Introduction of DVB-T profile full in case of Bulgaria.
• Introduction Chinese language in Fusion and also (again) on Android.
• Solution for Telenet, during wintertime clock is still according summer time (+ 1 hour).
• Solution about "You have connected a CAM" osd is seen coming up while navigating through TV Guide.
• Improvement with Ambilight Hue set up configured.
• Solution to avoid that during installation you gets failure for Romania country, when selecting "Other" as Operator.
• Solution so that Sky Bundesliga SD and Sky Select SD services shall always be installed.

QF2EU- (Released 2013-11-20)
Generation date: 07/11/2013 14:58:26
• Solution for Take Away Display(TAD) when there are 3 or more TV’s in the network using IOS7.
• Solution for 3D not available on Youtube.
• Solution for Skype - Handling of Microsoft ID.
• Solution for Ambilight flickering.
• Enable Ambilight + Hue experience for the UHD on the 2k13 xxPFL9708S/12 sets.
Unofficial information:
Xtr3m3 reports: HDMI5 low resolution support removed. HDMI1 atleast accepts 2560x1440 24,25,30,60Hz.
Release for FusionR3Ext: QF2EU-

QF2EU- (Released 2013-0x-xx)
Generation date: 02/08/2013 13:51:09
Unofficial information:
Xtr3m3 reports: Found at from Week 34 (2013) models. Build 1 beta (Release for FusionR3Ext)
Known issues: Some units have flickering Ambilight LEDs (behaving like a strobe light).
Some units have flickering backlight LEDs (visible with menu and media playback from USB).

QF2EU- (Released 2013-09-05)
Generation date: 31/08/2013 11:01:44
• Improvements in quick startup implementation.
• Solution for screen edges reset.

QF2EU- (Released 2013-07-11)
Generation date: 03/07/2013 17:22:08
• Solution to use Netflix.
• Solution regarding installation issue in Switserland.
• Solution regarding MHP application.

QF2EU- (Released 2013-07-05)
Generation date: 26/06/2013 14:04:53
*New features and improvements of existing features made available via this release:
• Enabling DTS for 7000/8000/9000
• Wifi smart screen for Android devices. (requires Philips MyRemote app)
• New application Multi Room TV watching.
• New version of YouTubeLeanBack.
• Improvement of the MyRemote App at the level of the TV-guide and control on Smart Phones.
• Improvement about installation Czech UPC cable.
• Improvement about BBC i-player movies not working.
• Improvement to have the favorite channels on top via IP-EPG.
• Improvement for the Social TV app.
• Improvement about the crackling/loud plopping noise when switching on HDMI equipment.
• Improvement for the remote control pairing in virgin mode.
• Improvement to avoid to have only vertical lines but to have picture at startup.
• Improvement to avoid reboots when playing 3D via blu-ray or Astra 3D.
• Improvement to get positive DVB-S Unicable installation with Technisat equipment.

QF2EU- (Released 2013-04-08)
Generation date: 29/03/2013 00:28:57
• Solution about consistent behavior of the EXIT key.
• Homescreen adaptation for Germany. (Kabel/Antennen Fernsehen)
• Hebrew text disabled in Now en Next + 8 days EPG. (Mainly solved for Israel market)
• Improvement stability behavior when starting up from hdmi source.
• Live TXT subtitles from broadcast no longer shown during playback of a recording without subtitles.
• BBCiPlayer, video and radio program is functioning again.
• Solution about sometimes no connection to Philips Smart TV portal during virgin installation.

QF2EU- (Released 2013-03-26)
Generation date: 08/03/2013 15:17:27
• First production software for the 8000-range.

QF2EU- (Released 2013-02-18)
Generation date: -
• First production software for the 6000- and 7000-range.

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