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PHILIPS TELEVISION - Unofficial Firmware Mirror (page updated: 2013-11-24 15:03 GMT+2)

Supported models (9XXXT/12 -models): 9706


AAAA = Chassis name
a = Chip version (TV543/32=Q543, TV543/82=Q548, Q543/92=Q549)
B = Software branch version
X.Y.W.Z = Software version

You can upgrade/downgrade models like: 40PFL9706T/12, 46PFL9706T/12, etc

Please note: Files need to be uncompressed before you can flash your TV's firmware.
How to upgrade? Please read the manual at: www.p4c.philips.com
Latest official firmware upgrade file download: file.zip (first read the EULA)

Version: Date:
Size: Download the file: Change log: Notes: 2013-07-25 74.34 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: fbebf128
Read the change log 2012-02-17 74.34 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 77cf16de
Read the change log 2012-09-27     Read the change log 2012-07-17     Read the change log 2012-05-07     Read the change log 2012-04-19     Read the change log 2012-02-17 74.05 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 698a0cfd
Read the change log 2012-02-01 2011-12-21 73.95 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 2297e0b3
Read the change log 2011-12-13 2011-10-19 2011-10-11 2011-10-07 2011-08-22 76.30 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: e43c7c12
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FIRMWARE Change log of the fixed issues & improvements:

Q5551_0.014.105.000 (Released 2013/07/25)
File generation date: 2013/07/10 11:37
• Extend 6AM signon spread with 2 hours: The 6AM wake up of the TV sets are spread over larger period in time between 4AM and 6AM.
• DVB-S update predefined channel list for Sky: Preferred list of channels updated ( only of reinstall)
• HDMI blanking with UPC Horizon box: Video and audio drop outs with UPC Horizon box solved.
• Switzerland, cable ESR Sion set is blocked: Unable to install free to air channels together with scrambled channels.
• ECD signon blocked due to wrong version handling: Future improvement sign on behavior Smart TV.

Q5551_0.014.104.000 (Released 2012/11/26)
File generation date: 2012/11/09 15:49
• HbbTV application is not working. (Only applicable to country, Czech Republic)
• USB recording resume function is not working.

Q5551_0.014.101.000 (Released 2012/09/27)
File generation date: 2012
• Subtitle is not synchronized with the video.
• Subtitle is shown in strange colours.

Q5551_0.014.99.000 (Released 2012/07/17)
File generation date: 2012/07/11 16:16
• Content from maxdome is distorted in autozoom on a 16:9 set.
• Set blocked when subtitle menu is opened and HbbTV is present.
• Videociety streaming is causing a TV crash.
• TV switches on with Perfect Natural Motion switched on by default. The user has to switch off PNM each time if they don't want it.
• Improvement on picture performance.

Q5551_0.014.98.000 (Released 2012/05/07)
File generation date: 2012
• Solution for audio mute when signal is dolby/AC3.
• Solution for video audio out of sync.
• Solution for UPC in Hungary resulting in no channels installed after installation.

Q5551_0.014.97.000 (Released 2012/04/19)
File generation date: 2012
• Solution for wrong chars on DVB-S Czech EPG.
• Solution for TV switches to standby within a few minutes.
Solution for intermittent set reboots mainly in DVB-S.
Solution so that the DVB-S cam module is accessible via the option menu.

Q5551_0.014.96.000 (Released 2012/03/02)
File generation date: 2012/02/17 13:25:16
• 3D format option not enabled in TV3 HD during 3D broadcasting. (Spain)
• Strange signs in ‘Multi View’ visible.
• No support of certain HD and 3D channels via CI Card of DSMART. (Turkey)
• Automatic sorting of DVB-S channels not possible anymore.
• Intermittent scrambled program via Ziggo CI+.
• issues with German translation in the menu “sortieren”.

Q5551_0.014.95.000 (Released 2012/02/01)
File generation date: 2012
• Added an option to disable the deletion of channels in background install. (Only applicable to K-models)
• Teletext is not working on ZIGGO channel. (Only applicable to country, Netherlands)
• Ambilight flashes intermittently.
• Movie stops by itself when you watch a rented movie from an online video store.
• Unable to activate MHEG (with the red button) on a MHEG channel.

Q5551_0.014.93.000 (Released 2011/12/21)
File generation date: 2011/12/16 18:25
• Solution stuttering noise on HDMI.

Q5551_0.014.91.000 (Released 2011/12/13)
File generation date: 2011
• Solution Mettalic sound when switching between SD and HD sources.
• Solution about visible artefacts on the 46PFL9706.
• Solution for no sound from HTS when preset changed from DVB-C to analoge cable.
• Solution for set hangs in semi-standby after switch off,coming from standby.
• Solution for set goes to standby after exact 2 hours.
• Solution about startup of the set the splash screen comes up, a reboot happens and the splash screen comes up again.
• Solution for set startup with sound and ambilight but no picture.
• Solution for sound drop when connected via HDMI.
• Solution for video continuously stutters in H264 services DVB-T.
• Solution for No HD+services anymore possible when provider driven SW update is done. (Germany, Austria and Switserland)

Q5551_0.014.84.000 (Released 2011/10/19)
File generation date: 2011
• Solution about picture disappearing while watching via Ziggo DVB-C CI+.
• Solution about not starting RTL-XL programs in The Netherlands via NetTV.
• Improvement for PVR recording.
• Solution for intermittently hot rebooting.

Q5551_0.014.80.000 (Released 2011/10/11)
File generation date: 2011
• Solution for the 32PFL9606 to have audio/video at playback of recording.
• Solution for the 32PFL9606 that during fast forward the record jumps to the beginning.
• Improvement in programmed recordings.
• Improved starting up behavior.
• Improvement for the 32PFL9606 regarding 3D in content browser.

Q5551_0.014.79.006 (Released 2011/10/07)
File generation date: 2011
• Adding the new feature “You Tube Leanback”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bITse42LpKA
• Solution to have better performance during use of USB mouse and keyboard.
• Improvement on speed level during HDD testing.
• Solution when using low quality SD cards with Video store.
• Improvement by using PVR:Recording.
• Solution for scrambled recording in France.
• Solution for startup sequence HDD/TV.
• Solution for video freeze during Timeshift.
• Solution for picture disturbances on DVB-C channel “Phoenix”.

Q5551_0.014.38.006 (Released 2011/08/22)
File generation date: 2011/08/16 09:46:51

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