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Supported models (9XXXH/12 -models): 9705


AAAA = Chassis name
a = Chip version (TV543/32=Q543, TV543/82=Q548, Q543/92=Q549)
B = Software branch version
X.Y.W.Z = Software version

You can upgrade/downgrade models like: 40PFL9705H/12, 46PFL9705H/12, etc

Please note: Files need to be uncompressed before you can flash your TV's firmware.
How to upgrade? Please read the manual at: www.p4c.philips.com
Latest official firmware upgrade file download: file.zip (first read the EULA)

Version: Date:
Size: Download the file: Change log: Notes: 2012-06-13 71.37 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: e6d6aa22
Read the change log 2012-03-14 71.37 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 34cd831b
Read the change log 2011-12-21 71.35 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 6ce5d814
Read the change log 2011-08-24 71.32 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: c7fdc8ae
Read the change log 2011-07-15 71.28 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 8656f156
Read the change log 2011-06-09 71.30 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 1fcdc2e1
Read the change log 2011-05-13 71.30 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: d8ea3585
Read the change log 2011-04-11 71.30 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 6466d2c3
Read the change log 2011-03-08 71.29 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 4fd2d6a3
Read the change log 2011-02-22 71.29 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 59185f0f
Read the change log 2011-01-05 70.26 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 61a2a5b8
Read the change log 2010-11-08 70.26 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: c2f56dd4
Read the change log 2010-10-20 70.28 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 0d8a5444
Read the change log 2010-10-05 70.10 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: bba40a92
Read the change log 2010-09-06 61.12 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: cd187087
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FIRMWARE Change log of the fixed issues & improvements:

Q5551_0.140.48.0 (2012/06/13)
Generation date: 2012/06/08 10:48
• Not possible to access NetTV due to country Selection. (Ukraine)

Q5551_0.140.47.0 (2012/03/14)
Generation date: 2012/03/06 16:14:00
• Long movies will not play until the end. (not a download issue)
• Loss of services from channel grid in DVB-S when using ECO-Multiswitch.

Q5551_0.140.46.0 (2011/12/21)
Generation date: 2011/12/20 10:47:38
• Solution stuttering noise on HDMI.
• Solution about visible artefacts.

Q5551_0.140.40.0 (2011/08/24)
• Solution to activate Net TV in a better way.

Q5551_0.140.39.0 (2011/07/15)
• Solution for lost of presets after toggling between ASTRA and HOT Bird (between 2LNBs).
• Solution for picture disturbance on DVB-C channel'Phoenix'-Germany region Zweibrucken.
• Solution for lipsync on EXT, 'audio uitvoer delay' not working.
• Solution for when starting up sometimes no picture.
• Solution for Russian translation errors in UI and Net TV.
• Solution for set goes auto to standby after 2h startup in the morning, RiksTV Norwegian DVB-T network.

Q5551_0.140.37.0 (2011/06/09)
• Solution for the 40PFL9705K/02 + all TV550 - OSD "videoformat not supported",with WISI STB OR194.
• Solution for Finland Welho Cable network: no video decoded on mosaic channels.
• Solution for 2nd language drops back to first language after some time.
• Solution for 32PFL7605H/60, 40PFL8605H/60, problem with letters in Net TV.
• Availability for Latvia about DVB-T full profile.

Q5551_0.140.36.0 (2011/05/13)
• Latvia DVB-T full profile.
• Small picture of TV channel in right upper corner after going to NetTV.

Q5551_0.140.34.0 (2011/04/11)
• Intermittent sound lost while watching TV or a connected device via HDMI.
• Macro-blocks appear on digital (DVB-T) channels with HD content. (Only applicable to country, Spain)

Q5551_0.140.32.0 (2011/03/08)
• Intermittent sound lost while watching TV or a connected device via HDMI.
• Slow in switching between digital cable (DVB-C) channels.
• Macro-blocks appear on digital (DVB-T) channels.

Q5551_0.140.29.0 (2011/02/22)
• To enable the TV to accept Com Hem CAM software upgrade via OAD. (Only applicable to country, Sweden)

Q5551_0.140.27.0 (2011/01/05)
• Solution for intermittent freezing picture in Finland.
• Solution for zapping away from 3D broadcast channel in the Netherlands that results in no video.
• Solution for intermittent disturbance on audio via SPDIF out.
• Solution to prevent random services installation on UPC cable com in Switzerland.
• Solution to avoid that the set is rebooting/dead after sw update via PTA02 by packed stick.
• Solution X talk 3D.
• Solution for distorted sound with certain video formats playing via HDMI.
• Solution about the issue when the Double Video MHP application "GF Pay" is killed and is switching from secondary to primary video.
• Solution for installing Dig DVB-C , DVB-C when 170MHZ in MUX, picture is distorted.
• Solution for sound drops.

Q5551_0.140.25.0 (2010/11/08)
• Improvement on zapping performance.
• Fix- Restart of the set when putting in standby.
• Improvement on zapping on 3D channels on cable.
• Improvement on support of new Net TV Service Portal (V2.5).
• Joint Space can be used, for more information see the internet link: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/jointspace/index.php?title=Remote_Applications_Development

Q5551_0.140.23.0 (2010/10/20)
• Fix- TV is intermittently switching to standby after 2-3 Hr.
• Fix- Combined satellite tuner reboots visible.
• Fix- When accessing Net TV the interface language is always in English independent of the system menu language selected by user.
• Fix- Finland -Intermittent functioning of teletext and subtitles.
• Fix- Video playback (USB/DLNA/Net TV) → Picture format now takes into account the video aspect ratio instead of the standard container aspect ratio. Result: Videos with aspect ratio different than 16:9 are not going to be stretched anymore by default.
• Fix- Picture judders during playback via USB.

Q5551_0.140.11.0 (2010/10/05)
• DVB-S: Pre-defined channel grid in Austria and Switzerland implemented.
• Improvements on picture performance in general.
• Improvement for the EPG broadcast performance and channel list on KDG cable network. (for Germany)
• Improved behavior of video store.
• Startup behavior is improved.
• Enhanced robustness again remote controls of other devices.
• Possible audio loss solved on HDMI and DVB-T Spain.

Q5551_0.75.60.1 (2010/09/06)
• Ziggo certification obtained.

• Improvements on subtitles level for BBC1 and UPC.
• Reduces possible transients after channel change.
• Solves possible loss or dark picture at startup or after channel change.
• Improves ambilight stability.
• Improvements on sorting on digital channels in Germany.
• Improvements on MPEG4 playback.
• Improvements on teletext in Danmark and the Netherlands.

• Improvements for broadcasting in Switzerland.
• HDMI audio improvements in general and especially for Belgium concerning Belgacom box.
• Adaptation menu items Germany.
• Support of Video Store.

• Improvement on the level of the startup behaviour.

• improvements on the multimedia features.

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