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Supported models (9XXXH/12 -models): 9604, 9664, 9704, 9904, 9954

For PFL9704H models: Tweaked natural screen settings (updated 2010-07-05)


You can upgrade/downgrade models like: 40PFL9704H/12, 46PFL9704H/12, 56PFL9954H/12

Please note: Files need to be uncompressed before you can flash your TV's firmware.
How to upgrade? Please read the manual at: www.p4c.philips.com
Latest official firmware upgrade file download: file.zip (first read the EULA)

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Size: Download the file: Change log: Notes: 2010-07-15 44.35 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 36e2fd32
Read the change log 2010-06-11 44.35 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 64f6f823
Read the change log 2010-05-05 44.29 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: a674d42d
Read the change log 2010-04-28 44.29 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: ee3697b6
Read the change log 2010-04-01 44.29 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 55fc8c27
Read the change log 2010-03-09 44.29 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 8ebf8b47
Read the change log 2010-02-04 44.29 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 0b4fc861
Read the change log 2010-01-18 44.29 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: 114530d7
Read the change log 2009-11-04 44.29 MB Download @ Local
CRC32: cbf3f67c
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FIRMWARE Change log of the fixed issues & improvements:

Q5492_0.26.78.0 (2010/07/15)
• System improvements towards reboot issues in the Netherlands.

Q5492_0.26.77.0 (2010/00/00)

Q5492_0.26.76.0 (2010/06/11)
• Joint Space can be used, for more information see the internet link: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/jointspace/index.php?title=Remote_Applications_Development
• Switzerland : improvement broadcast information and general behavior.
• Improved behavior with Tatung devices.

Q5492_0.26.75.0 (2010/05/05)
• Solution for subtitles issue in Finland.
• Make sets future-prove for new Canal+ equipment in France.

Q5492_0.26.73.0 (2010/04/28)
• Improvement digital broadcast in the Netherlands.

Q5492_0.26.72.0 (2010/04/01)
• Improvement picture freeze/macro blocks on ARD-HD + ZDF-HD via DVB-C.

Q5492_0.26.71.0 (2010/03/09)
• Solving picture freeze/macro blocks on ARD-HD + ZDF-HD via DVB-C.

Q5492_0.26.70.0 (2010/02/04)
• Improvement on CI+ performances.

Q5492_0.26.69.0 (2010/01/18)
• Solving Italian broadcast issue.

Q5492_0.26.66.0 (2009/11/04)
• Automatic Channel Installation - all presets shifted by one.
• IP-EPG is available again.
• case of ‘undefined’ OSD resolved.
• 'no TXT on RTL4' - Teletext performance enhanced.
• Yellow button forwarded to NetTV.(RTL gemist service)
• Robustness of subtitles improved.
• Higher number of EPG channels.
• Parental rating applicable for Radio/HDMI.
• Improvement of some routers in Spain.

• Introduction of the extra feature named Interactive TV via the “ Red
Button ” on the remote control, initially, the feature works for Dutch
channels on those TVs in the Netherlands without a set-top box.
Interactive TV will not be offered in the UK, as the red color key is used
for other interactive applications (MHEG)
• Solution for Automatic Channel Installation on the UPC network in the
• Except for the 56PFL9954H/12, the feature Scenea can be used. ( Scenea is a
new feature, which allows you to use your TV as a big photoframe.
By selecting Scenea you will see a butterfly, this is the standard Scenea
picture. You can load your personal picture by watching it in the content
browser, pressing the options key, navigating down to "Set as Scenea ".
Then your personal picture will get stored as the "Scenea picture", so
from then onwards when choosing Scenea in the Home menu you will see your
personal picture. In Scenea,any key press returns you to "Watch TV”. The
maximum displaying time in Scenea is 240 minutes. A few minutes before the
set switches of a message is displayed to warn the customer.
• Improved cam authentication.

• Support for DVB-S2 box.
• resolves installation issue on DVB-C and analog networks in the
Netherlands and Germany.

• Full DVB-C Austria & Switzerland availability.
• Improvement of robustness of the side control.
After updating this software the operation of the side control can be
slightly different as before. It might be that the TV needs a confirmation
of the key press. This means, the first press activates the side control,
while the second press executes the action. During 15 seconds the side
control will operate immediately on the key press. Afterwards, again the
activation is needed.

• Solving video drop outs when changing channels on external set-top box.

• Reliability for Net TV improved.

• Improvement.avi media via WIFI in the Netherlands.
• Sound improvements for France.
• Possibility to swith off the digital channel update in standby mode.

• For France:Canal+decoder:solution for the preset sometimes skipped after
using back key or after standby.
• Improvement on the startup behavior of the NetTV functionality .
• This software is RiksTV certified.
• Improved installation behaviour for DVB-C countries Netherlands & Austria.
• DGTVi certified.

• HD simulcast presets are not misplaced anymore by an overnight update
• improved USB Browse stability.
• DVB-T MPEG4 support for Slovenia.



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